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    Mobile phones started to become popular in Bangladesh in late 90’s. The first phones were way oversized compared to any phone of today. There was an antenna on top of the phone, and they used to be quite troublesome to carry because of their weight. These were technically called “brick phones.” There were just two things you could do with a phone. Make a call and send text messages. But they were quite pricey, and it was quite prestigious to own such a simple mobile phone at that time. These phones are not available anymore on the market.


    In Mid 20th century, the first generation smartphones showed up in the market. Nokia kept its dominating place with the N series smartphones. BlackBerry was another respectable name in the first-generation smartphone years. There were still no touchscreen, apps, etc. and you couldn’t do too many things with them. But you could already access the internet, and these phones were cool looking. Here you will find smartphone price in Bangladesh by latest release.

    Android Smartphones

    However, at the end of 2008, the first commercial Android phone was launched by HTC called HTC Dream. Within just one year of its launch, Android started to change the market entirely with its innovative apps and through the number of possibilities these apps were offering. iPhones were also making its place among the somewhat more affluent class. But since iPhones have always been pricey, fewer people could afford it. Since then, it has been just Android especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. As of 2018, Android has over 80% global market share. See the latest Android mobile price in Bangladesh.

    Samsung Mobile Price

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    Car price in bangladesh – If you are looking for the following car brands, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ford, Daewoo, Proton Saga, Proton Wira, Hyundai, BMW, Maruti Suzuki and many more then you are in the correct place.

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    The automotive industry in Bangladesh is the third largest in South Asia. Bangladesh has a few large car plants which assemble passenger cars from Mitsubishi and Proton, as well as commercial vehicles from Hino and Tata. Motorcycles, auto rickshaws and the locally designed Mishuk three-wheeler are also produced in Bangladesh.

    Pragoti Industries Limited (PIL) is among the oldest and largest automobile assemblers in Bangladesh.[1] The company has assembled over 50,000 vehicles since its inception in 1966.[1] In February 2010, Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi officially proposed to the Bangladesh government to locally assemble the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in collaboration with Pragoti. Operations commenced in August 2011, with an annual production output of around 500 units.

    In 2009, the Malaysian Agate Group proposed to build a car manufacturing plant in Bangladesh in cooperation with Walton, which itself is preparing to produce motorcycles. In the same year, car manufacturing company TagAZ announced that they would build their third factory in Bangladesh, aiming for exporting. The plant is to be completed by 2012.

    In March 2015, PHP Group and Proton announced plans to assemble Proton cars in Bangladesh. A new Tk 400 crore assembly plant would be constructed in Chittagong to facilitate an annual production output of 1,200 units. In May 2017, PHP Automobiles launched the Bangladeshi-built Proton Prevé. The company intends to market the Prevé as an alternative to used imported cars which dominate the local market.

    Buy and sell used cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in Bangladesh. Choose from top brands including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki and many more.

    Car price in Bangladesh

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    Buy and sell new and used home appliances including furniture, kitchen items, gardening products and other items for your garden

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    Search from the widest variety of pets in Bangladesh . Select from dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds and other domesticated animals.

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    In some parts of the world, the word apartment refers to a new purpose-built self-contained residential unit in a building, whereas the word flat means a converted self-contained unit in an older building. In other places the terms are interchangeable.

    The term apartment is favored in North America (although in some cities flat is used for a unit which is part of a house containing two or three units, typically one to a floor[citation needed]). In the UK, the term apartment is more usual in professional real estate and architectural circles where otherwise the term flat is used commonly, but not exclusively, for an apartment on a single level (hence a ‘flat’ apartment). Technically multi-story apartments sometimes referred to as mid-rise apartments and even high-rise apartments when there are many stories.

    An apartment is in a building or converted house in which no space or single unit occupies an entire floor on its own. An apartment is like a subdivision of something bigger.

    Apartments are able be defined by their readiness to be rented to the greater public or holiday makers.

    In some countries the word “unit” is a more general term referring to both apartments and rental business suites. The word ‘unit’ is generally used only in the context of a specific building; e.g., “This building has three units” or “I’m going to rent a unit in this building”, but not “I’m going to rent a unit somewhere”.

    Some buildings can be characterized as ‘mixed use buildings’, meaning part of the building is for commercial, business, or office use, usually on the first floor or first couple of floors, and one or more apartments are found in the rest of the building, usually on the upper floors.

    Apartment buildings are multi-story buildings where three or more residences are contained within one structure. Such a building may be called an apartment building, apartment complex, flat complex, block of flats, tower block, high-rise or, occasionally, mansion block (in British English), especially if it consists of many apartments for rent. A high-rise apartment building is commonly referred to as a residential tower, apartment tower, or block of flats in Australia.

    A high-rise building is defined by its height differently in various jurisdictions. It may be only residential, in which case it might also be called a tower block, or it might include other functions such as hotel, offices, or shops. There is no clear difference between a tower block and a skyscraper, although a building with fifty or more stories is generally considered a skyscraper.[2] High-rise buildings became possible with the invention of the elevator (lift) and cheaper, more abundant building materials. Their structural system usually is made of reinforced concrete and steel.

    A low-rise building and mid-rise buildings have fewer storeys, but the limits are not always clear. Emporis defines a low-rise as “an enclosed structure below 35 metres [115 feet] which is divided into regular floor levels.” The city of Toronto defines a mid-rise as a building between 4 and 12 stories.

    Flat for sale

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    If you are looking for BD Jobs, Governments Jobs BD Jobs Bank, list of jobs, jobs near me, then govt jobs, bd job news then you are in the correct place.

    A job, or occupation, is a person’s role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment (“for a living”). Many people have multiple jobs (e.g., parent, homemaker, and employee). A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent. The duration of a job may range from temporary (e.g., hourly odd jobs) to a lifetime (e.g., judges).

    An activity that requires a person’s mental or physical effort is work (as in “a day’s work”). If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. Typically, a job would be a subset of someone’s career. The two may differ in that one usually retires from their career, versus resignation or termination from a job.

    The expression day job is often used for a job one works in order to make ends meet while performing low-paying (or non-paying) work in their preferred vocation. Archetypal examples of this are the woman who works as a waitress (her day job) while she tries to become an actress, and the professional athlete who works as a laborer in the off season because he is currently only able to make the roster of a semi-professional team.

    While many people do hold a full-time occupation, “day job” specifically refers to those who hold the position solely to pay living expenses so they can pursue, through low paying entry work, the job they really want (which may also be during the day). The phrase strongly implies that the day job would be quit, if only the real vocation paid a living wage.

    The phrase “don’t quit your day job” is a humorous response to a poor or mediocre performance not up to professional caliber. The phrase implies that the performer is not talented enough in that activity to be able to make a career out of it.

    Governments Jobs

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    Buy and sell clothing, garments, shoes and other personal items including handbags, perfumes, children’s toys and hand made items in Bangladesh.

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    Browse through a range of service offerings to businesses and consumers alike.

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